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Judith Cabrera

To describe myself as just a designer would be an understatement. I am a mom, a hard worker, and most of all a human being, one that has had and continues to have life experiences, good and bad ones. When the hard times cross paths with me, I like to believe that perspective can get me through. Looking at the bright side of situations is a coping mechanism that I use in my life and in my work as a designer.

As a conceptual designer, I believe that it is my job to successfully display a clear theme to the consumer through my creations. With an open eye for new trends and attention to detail, I am able to assure that my designs are crafted carefully to convey a powerful message. Innovation is the main focus, shedding light into relevant issues is my goal. I enjoy adding fun patterns and exploring new sewing techniques.

  Upon moving to America, I experienced a bit of difficulty to express myself due to the language barrier. Therefore, I began to use fashion to communicate my ideas to the world. Even now with full understanding of English, I use my designs as a form of self-expression. My passion for designing is something that I’ve had for years. Growing up in Cuba with limited resources meant that I had to make the most out of old clothing and hand-me downs. The deep interest that I held for the creation process of a garment, translated into the deep dedication I have when creating my designs. Quality is a must, from concept, fabrics to elaboration of the garment.

Understanding how much the fashion industry shapes the environment, I always use environment-friendly materials when constructing the designs. Through this, I hope to inspire others to do the same. All fabrics I use derivate from natural fibers. The environment is something I deeply care about and all choices made throughout the construction of the design take the earth into consideration.

I believe that the difference between something good and something great is the attention to detail. I want to create garments for individuals who can appreciate good quality and craftsmanship, to those with daring souls, who love fashion and care for our environment.